Sunday, January 12, 2014

Blogging 101

Duck hunting season is just about over, the deer have been safe for a while and the winter has definitely set in. (BTW, the ducks were few and far between this morning due to the weather and the pressure they've been getting. This is the last weekend. Season closes Tuesday.) But even with the hunting season ending and the winter here, there is still a lot to do. The ski hills have been getting a ton of snow and there are a few places to play music and there's still a ton of fishing to do when the weather cooperates. It's at this time though, that I run out of things to say on this blog.

So I read another blog from a local guy out here talking about dressing in layers when you go winter fly fishing and was chatting with another guy I took fishing last spring who was going to promote my blog on an online magazine as a form of gratitude who didn't because he thought I was too edgy and I starting thinking, "What do you guys that read these blogs really want to read about?" I could just write about the fishing and hunting and leave everything else alone but that wouldn't really be me. If I write about the politics of the fishing community, it has the potential to tick people off but if you think about it, that's what makes reality TV so compelling. The truth, (maybe sad truth,) is people like to hear about drama...I think they also like fish porn.

I've had a couple shops ask me to put a link to my blog on their web page and for the same reason the guy from last spring decided not to promote it, I told them it probably wasn't a good idea. I do write about the culture up here. I do write about some of the BS that is inevitable when dealing with such egos and everyone is competing. It is a challenge to be successful in building relationships in such a dynamic but also be honest and personally, I do believe blogs and news outlets and social media go a long way to hold people to a certain standard. It's like a hyper-social conscience and without it, some people will pretty much do whatever they want just to get ahead. (Of course, social media can also be used for one's own self promotion as well.)

I think Machiavelli said something like,"man to man is wolf," which to some means only the strong survive but to others it means that left to our own devices, we will probably kill each other in pursuit of our own self-interest. What either group doesn't take into account is that wolves also have very complex social structures that tend to promote a sense of community and adjudicate a harsh reality when members of their pack either don't follow the rules or get too cocky.

If I'm going to be completely honest, I've really had to bite my proverbial tongue this last week. Some folks are really into creating drama when it's not needed and some people could show a little grace and understanding but instead they're more into trippin. There are some really good people out here but there are also a lot of...well let's just say challenging personalities--I guess that's with everything in life and quite honestly, I'm probably one of those personalities. (I've been told that A LOT this past week...)

So you tell me. What do you want to hear about? I'm serious. I really want to know. There's a comment box that you can feel free to share whatever you want in. It's open to the public and it doesn't get screened before it get's published. It's all you...

Keep 'em where they live...


  1. Russ, you know I'll tell you the truth. Are you sure that's what you want? I don't fish; been there,done that. Hunted all I care to in my earlier years. I do like to go horn hunting and will always tag along for the walk, so your adventures are interesting. But I gotta say, your blog has veered aware from the Dream. There are times it gets a little whiny. Opinions, religion, penises. Just cause you've got one doesn't mean I wanna have it waved in my face. How about some stronger descriptive language? Or perhaps share with your readers what you mean by The Montana Dream? I've lived here my whole life; maybe you've found a nook or cranny I don't know about? Skip the politics cause no one really gives a shit. None, repeat none of the crap that goes on in DC is ever really going to get to Montana anyway. Local politics, no one give a hoot! As a parent, I have become a rather efficient private dic; not much goes on in The Canyon I don't know about. Ever see me write about that in my column or discuss it on line? NO ONE cares. My southern parents loved the Bible, Zig Ziglar and Norman Vincent Peale. Read 'em and see what that does for ya. Let's see the best version of Russ you've got to offer. Or as my Grandaddy put it to me one Sunday afternoon; "Take the high road whenever you can. You'll find it a lot less crowded and the view from up there?" Well, you know the rest…careful what you ask for. May your Karma ever improve. Peace.

  2. Thanks for getting the ball rolling, Melanie.

  3. Let's Rock n Roll Brother. This is what we call a shift in Montana; bizniz changes all through the Canyon. Exciting! Better than an earthquake and twice as interesting.