Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Scope of Practice

As I've stated clearly in previous blog entries:  I am not a licensed outfitter yet but I am going through the process and should have the license after I take the test next Tuesday. I've been working hard to put together a plan for launching a social media campaign when I do have the license that includes links to fb, twitter and my blog. It's incredibly cool how all that works and after playing around for a few days, I've learned a lot.

Earlier today I received a call from a cohort threatening to turn me into the Board of Outfitters for illegally outfitting. After doing some research, regardless of not actively promoting my website, twitter, or my fb page; the fact that they were public still might cause some problems so all that stuff has been hidden. It will be up when I receive my license.

It is my responsibility to know the rules and comply. I have not promoted myself as an outfitter but I do realize where the issue is and that's with me not fully understanding those rules set by the board and quite honestly, not knowing how to keep those different mediums totally private and still have peers be able to give me feedback. I am in compliance now but if said cohort decides to, a complaint could delay the process indefinitely.

Keep 'em where they live...

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