Saturday, February 8, 2014

February Recon

I booked a trip for tomorrow so I figured I'd go out to do some recon. The problem is it only got up to 6 degrees today so I rigged up my rod in the house with a scud, fire-bead Ray Charles and a bobber and layered up.
I drove down to the bridge at Bloomquist's lodge and walked downstream a hundred yards or so. I didn't bring any extra gear or flies and figured I would fish until I either lost my flies or caught one fish. I had to adjust the depth of my nymph rig a few times until I was right at that length to where I was drifting along the bottom without dragging. Once I got the depth I caught this guy. It took me about 15 minutes and now I'm done with my recon and sitting next to my space heater.
I'm not sure if the boys will still want to fish tomorrow but it is supposed to get up into the twenties. Doing a trip in February is like getting a surprise bonus check so I hope they still want to go. The beauty of guiding this time of year is that if you get cold, you can start doing row-arounds to warm up...if you're fishing, you're kind of screwed.
Keep 'em where they live...


  1. Looks like you are still fishing that Loop multi. Glad its still catching fish.

  2. I am. I really liked the Loop rod too but I had a client break it and can't figure out who to send it off to.