Monday, March 24, 2014

March on the Stone

Headed out on the Yellowstone Saturday. Holy, freeze my b...s off Batman. I can't believe Nathaniel actually got a picture of me without my choppers on. You see the ice shelf? Yeah, and we still shoved the boat over it because we are FRICKEN DIE-HARDS!
In all seriousness, there are a couple ramps that are closed due to ice but for the most part, the Stone was pretty much open and visibility wasn't too bad. When we got to the Palisade's fishing access, the truck said around 17 degrees and climbing. We did have to slide the boat over the ice-shelf to get it wet. By the time we loaded up, the truck said 34 degrees, which was complete BS because when we hit the water, anything thing wet froze up solid--guides, streamers that hung out to dry for the 30 seconds it took to warm your hands up, my reel that I launched in the river with my rod because my fingers were too numb to hold on, boots--everything frozen solid. Although it did warm up a bit, when we got off the river I think the weather station at Pine Creek was showing 27 degrees with a wind chill of -2. It doesn't sound very pleasant does it? Well, the fishing was actually pretty good.
It took a little while for the fish to wake. About an hour into though, Nathaniel and I stuck a few on the nymph rigs. Torrey won't throw nymphs and I'd prefer not to either but I also needed to do something to get the blood flowing. It wasn't too much longer, however, when Torrey started wrecking them on streamers and since I snapped the tip-top off the second of Nathaniel's two nymph rods, I had no choice but to start chucking and ducking myself. I did get a few but Torrey definitely showed us up on the big stuff. It must be the "Torrey twitch." I won't give away his secrets but he certainly was making it work.
All in all, it was good day. I didn't lose any toes or fingers and we only broke two rods. The fishing was solid and again, I love fishing different water regardless of how epic the fishing is. It's kind of like gambling or filling out bracket for the NCAA tourney; if you knew you were going to catch a ton or win every game, it really wouldn't be as fun.
Keep 'em where they live...
P.S. Yes, my brackets are just as bad as everyone else's. Duke, Wichita St....DAYTON! I still have three out of four left though.

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