Friday, March 21, 2014

P-Daddy Cray

When I first started fishing the Mo I tried to come up with a streamer that looked like a crayfish. Nothing I did worked so I gave up and kind of forgot about it. A few years ago when we had really high water, the craw-daddy was the hot new thing on the Mo as well as other rivers like the Madison and Yellowstone so again, I put my nose to the vise and tried to come up with an easy way to tie these critters without spending more time and money than it was worth. I came up with this guy that I'll now call the P-Daddy Cray.

I tied a bunch thinking we would have high water again but the last two years it didn't happen so they sat in my box until the La Rue boys went exploring one day last year and uncovered this huge food source. A little skeptical at first, we had to try something given the fact there were no bugs and...just tie one on and hold on for dear life...just sayin.

I saw something very similar to this down at the River's Edge that I haven't seen before but it looked a lot more technical. The P-Daddy Cray isn't a break-through in science or fly-tying for that matter, but it is a fairly simple pattern and it definitely works.

Keep 'em where they live...

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