Thursday, March 20, 2014

Tip of the Week--A Penny Saved...

We all have grave yards for our flies. Mine is the foam top of my streamer box. It's easy to just stick them on there when you want to go to something different. Sometimes you might have only tried the fly for ten minutes but it didn't work so its fate was sealed. After a year, this is what you end up with; a night of sorting through literally hundreds of flies because you've looked at it now for a couple of months and thought, "Man, at 2 bucks a piece, I probably have $500 worth of gear rotting away here."

I don't really have an answer for this so let's move on.

We chucked streamers the other day with some success. We knew we'd catch more on nymphs but what fun would that be? We were thinking we'd pull a giant and throwing the big stuff was going to get it done. Here's the deal though. Although we did get quite a few to eat a streamer, most of them were caught on small little cone-head buggers. The bigger the bug, the more short strikes and chases but not as many to the net.

I think what happens this time of year when the water is still around 36 to 38 degrees is that fish are just lazy--maybe lethargic is a better adjective but definitely not real aggressive. Ripping a big bug past them isn't going to get them to react impulsively like it will in a few weeks when the temps come up. Oh, it will though and when it does, the faster the better but right now I'm thinking a little smaller, a little deeper and a little slower.

Keep 'em where they live...

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