Monday, March 3, 2014

The Light...

It's been a cold hard winter but the snow is good and so are the bitter temps. We should have good snowpack and maybe some of those pesky pine-beetles will die before destroying more trees. It really is what we needed and it allows me to spend some time at the bench tying stuff that I hate paying for.  There's nothing worse than dropping two-bucks on a zebra midge that literally takes 30 seconds to tie. Sow bugs, scuds, Czechs, weight flies...I really can't stand buying any of those flies because there's nothing to them and it seems like such a waste of money...but they do work so tie on brutha, tie on.

The weather this week should be warm and a little soggy so I'm looking forward to doing a little recon with some newcomers to the seen from Helena. The fishing should be good and with a little luck, we can waive goodbye to the sub-zero's from last week. We still need moisture and I wouldn't mind hitting the hill a few more times so bring on the snow just keep Jack Frost out of the picture until next December if you will.

Keep 'em where they live...

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