Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Uncle Joe's Oasis

I haven't really put a lot of effort into booking music this winter in large part, because I've been doing a lot with my new business; trying to get things rolling for this upcoming season. It's also been increasingly more difficult to find places to play as a solo. Helena isn't a great town for live music and the venues that do have music are usually booked up months in advance. That's what happens when there are ten times as many artists as there are venues and if you don't start early, you don't get on the lists. I have to get better at starting the process in September instead of waiting until the end of hunting season I guess...priorities!

Jason Crocker, the new owner of the Oasis in Wolf Creek, MT, is trying to improve that scene--at least in Wolf Creek. I'm booked to play there this Saturday and hopefully, if there's enough interest, more live music opportunities will present themselves throughout this upcoming season--not just for myself but for other local musicians as well as for those folks visiting the area.

Folks coming to the Mo might see a lot of changes this summer. The O has been sold, the Missouri Inn is closed, MRO is now Wolf Creek Angler, the Frenchman is still the Frenchman and Izaak's...well...Craig still has Joe's and that's not going to change. The same fly shops will be booking trips in Craig as well with one more shop opening up in Cascade. (I'm not sure what it will be called yet but it will be located at the old Badger Hotel and owned and operated by Mike Bushly formerly from the Trout Shop.) That makes six shops between Wolf Creek and Cascade. Sharpen your elbows everyone.

As for food, the Missouri Inn closing is a bummer but I hope the Oasis is able to fill a little bit of the void. It's been pretty bleak in the Canyon for the past few years and the Inn was a good alternative that will no longer be an option. The Oasis does have good food. I've been eating there off and on throughout the off-season so I'm hopeful and quite honestly, it's MUCH more convenient for this guy. Being seven miles from the epicenter, it also might be a great alternative to those folks wanting to get away from the bravado and just get a good burger.

The good thing about change is it opens up options and opportunities. I look forward to seeing what happens in the WC this summer with some fresh faces and fresh ideas and with a fresh new city sewer system...who knows what other opportunities will present themselves?

Keep 'em where they live...

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