Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Bugs in the Sun

There's this misconception with anglers out there that BWO's don't hatch on bright sunny days. Well, the last couple days have been bright and sunny and in the 70's and the bugs...they're still coming out in droves. What does happen with these little mayflies is on sunny days, their wings dry off quicker so they don't stay on the water very long. When it's cold and rainy, they don't get off the water and the new bugs that hatch keep contributing to the mass, which makes it look like more bugs but it's not necessarily true. Obviously, the dry fly fishing will be better in crappy conditions but you can still get it done in the sun and the last few days we definitely did. You might have to be a little more patient in finding fish that are up and your presentation might have to be a little better but the fish are there and they are eating.
Keep 'em where they live...

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