Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Dutch Double

A few years ago I had a coined the phrase, "The Polish Double" (I can say that 'cause I am Polish,) as one client hooks a fish and the other client gets tangled up in the first client's line, thus landing one fish on two lines. Yesterday was definitely a first as we now have what we will call "The Dutch Double" since Dave, the guy holding the fish and if you look real close; the guy with a fly stuck in his nose, is Dutch.

We were having kind of a tough morning and although the whities were out in force, the trout were being a bit stubborn. Maybe they were gorged with all the bugs the day before or maybe they were still asleep with the cold weather. I don't know but I was getting a little self-conscious. Dave finally hooked a really nice brown on a seam and as it took a turn to head back up stream, I spun the boat. Bob was still trying to fish the seam and with the boat getting a little sideways, his back cast went right over/into Dave. With the little zebra midge getting buried firmly into the inside of Dave's nose, we now have the Dutch Double--a fish on one client's line and a client on the other client's line.

Dave and Bob were good sports and after taking a photo and releasing the fish, I went to work on getting the fly out of Dave's nose. The rest of the day went much smoother and the fish definitely started cooperating. Great day guys. Thanks for coming up.

Keep 'em where they live...

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