Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Back to Work

Ok, so yesterday's post was a bit of a joke but the reality is, the fishing was not good--lots of dinks and they were picky. We thru everything including the kitchen sink at them. We went short and long, thru hoppers and even drug the JJ Special over them at one point and very little action until right at the end. The canyon is the nursery right now and even though there are still good fish there, it's hard to get through all the dinks and with the weather being very unsettled this time of the year, the big guys can disappear. The problem is, with instability, you also get wind and the canyon can be your only refuge. Once the weather settles, however, it can be on and yesterday fish were happy and bugs were out.
It's crazy how day-to-day it can be this time of the year. Two days ago we switched rigs and flies about 20 times and only landed a handful of fish. Yesterday we never changed and literally never went 10 minutes without hooking up until we started throwing dries late in the day and even then, we never went without some kind of action for too long. And even on the dries, we never had to experiment with different bugs and they ate whatever we thru at them. Maybe it's a sign of a more stable pattern. I hope so.
Keep 'em where they live... 

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