Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Streaming Big Browns on the Missouri

Hold on, hold on. This is a little misleading to say the least. We headed down low for day one of three with Susan and Bill and their party of four out of the Trout Shop. The weather was perfect and the fishing was going to be stupid good. We thought we might even get some blue wings and for the first couple hours, it was good. In fact, I think Susan caught her first trout on her first cast and she said, "That could be either a really good thing or really bad..."
We did get a bunch after that but mostly small fish and then the pseudos showed up and fish got PICKY. We hit a dry spell even though we could see fish up. We threw big stuff and little stuff and shortened things up and did just about everything we could but they weren't going to play nice so we started chucking and ducking the big uglies. The brown in the photo was caught two casts after changing colors the first time. Again, it was ON! But then it wasn't and that was the last fish we had look at a streamer. Bummer.
The folks were cool though and even with a tough afternoon, we had a good time and look forward to fishing a different stretch today.
Keep 'em where they live... 

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