Thursday, December 10, 2015


Kind of a boring week here at the home-front doing my year-end logs and catching up on the Dan Patrick show. That's all going to change though as today I'm going out hunting with two of the funniest dudes on the planet. We've shared a NUMBER of beers together at the Lewis & Clark Brewery, had some laughs, argued relentlessly about politics, and have hauled out a few elk together. Today should be interesting.
Speaking of packing elk, these were the guys that a few years ago, after shooting a decent 5X5 in my little honey hole, I texted them to see if they could help out. JJ responded by saying he was busy and I never did hear from Toby. (Toby's work phone wouldn't receive group text messages.) So I did get another guy and a game cart but on the way back out, JJ text me asking where I shot it. I'll be honest, these guys knew the general area because I had taken Toby out there once before but if they weren't going to be able to help, I didn't want to give up my spot so I text back, "One mile." That was it.
I went back out in the mountains and began the process of hauling quarters of the elk up to the trail when I hear someone shouting my name. I yelled back and looked down the trail from where the shouts were coming from and no shit, it was both Toby and JJ with another game cart. Crazy. They took the text I sent as being one mile from the trail head and with only that much info, they came and found me and doubled the help to get that bull out of there, which was awesome because it was getting warm fast.
It's never a dull moment with these guys. It should be a great day. I hope we all make it back...Just sayin.
Keep 'em where they live...

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