Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Patrick's Big Bow

Yeah, those of you that have been to the Gates of the Mountains probably know where this is. This is Patrick with a big old rainbow he caught and he couldn't be prouder. The weather cleared just long enough for him to catch a couple and then we headed out right before the wind started howling and the rain started gushing.
It's important to get kids on fish right away so they don't get bored when they're first starting out. Standing on the dock at the Gates this time of year is kind of like fishing in a fish pond but here's the deal; they're hatchery fish, they give one hell of a pull and for a kid, what more do you want? Would I be standing there roping fish for myself, even if it was allowed? Probably not but they do let kids fish off the docks and they have a blast so have at it.
As for the "Whack-A-Bow" project for 2016, a buddy of mine and I headed upstream on Sunday and caught plenty of those hatchery fish for the smoker. Again, they are hatchery fish. They are put there for people to catch and eat. They aren't wild fish in a Blue Ribbon trout stream and they actually taste good. In fact, they taste great and I can't wait to dig into one at lunch on a guide trip.
Keep 'em where they live... 

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