Sunday, April 3, 2016

They're Back

It's always a waiting game--this time of the year. We've been in kind of a winter-bug slumber and we could really use a good sign if you've been wanting to see noses. This is it. This little guy is what we've been hoping for and desperately wanting to see. Yep, blue-wing olives. Does it mean the fishing has gone completely off the charts? Hell no.
I was out the last couple days with friends and although the weather was good on Friday to start and the fish were cooperating, the sun came out and Mr. Trout decided to take a nap...for a couple days. It was tough. We did get some on small mayfly nymphs though, so that is a good sign. As soon as the weather swings back from the 70's to what is more normal for this time of the year, it should be on and we'll be back out there. Although, it is hard to complain about 70 degree's and sunny in Montana in April.
Keep 'em where they live... 

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