Monday, August 1, 2016

Finishing Strong

My man, Mark Hicks with a great rainbow caught at the Cascade FAS on a hopper. The picture looks pretty peaceful, right? Well, 30-40 mph winds for most of the afternoon made the fishing a challenge to say the least. We worked hare and managed to put together a fun day and ended strong.
Today is a much needed day off so I've got a few minutes to post a blog and let you all know what's going on and what will be happening in the near future with The Montana Dream Cast. Big Jim and I have discussed our plans with the podcast and we both think it would be a good idea to get the band back together. Look for that to happen this month. If you want to get caught up, find The Montana Dream Cast on ITunes or Podbean.
As for the fishing, it's been pretty good when the weather cooperates. We've been rocking them on the nymph rigs in the morning and then throwing the big stuff in the afternoon with some success. Are you going to get 50 eats on the hoppers? No but you will see some of the bigger fish on the dries this time of year, which can be a blast.
I've also received notice that I drew my first choice on antelope tags this year so I'll be trying to accomplish a pretty challenging goal to shoot my first speed goat with a bow. I've tried once before and got pretty close but wound up finishing the deal with my .270 during the rifle season. With a little more time off this fall, I think I might put some more effort into it. I always say that though and then get booked up. You got to make hay, right?
Keep 'em where they live... 

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