Friday, September 2, 2016

Does A Bear Sh$@t in the Woods?

Given all the evidence I found driving to my little honey hole yesterday to do a little scouting, I'd be inclined to say, no. It appears that bears are much more likely to take care of their business on the side of the road.
Seriously though, I saw so much bear crap on the road yesterday it was a little scary. They are out in force trying to bulk up for the winter and the best place to find berries is down in the creek bottoms and along the road so if you're out berry picking, be careful. However, bears don't like being out in the heat of the day so as long as you're not picking them at night, I think you're fine.
This weekend is the opener of bow season here in Montana and since I'm off the river until Monday, I'll hopefully be out chasing elk. Last year was a little disappointing on opening day because while I was calling a bull in, another hunter decided to chime in and totally screwed me. That's the deal with hunting public land. I did eventually have that bull at about 35 yards walking right to me and I blew it, which was pretty exciting and definitely worth the frustration of dealing with the traffic from other hunters.
I shot my bull on the sixth day of hunting last season. I say it every year that this is the year my luck runs out and then lady luck shines down and my freezer fills up with delicious elk steaks. We shall see. Stay tuned.
Keep 'em where they live...

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