Monday, September 26, 2016

Fall Fishing on the Mo

This was the view Saturday on the Missouri River. The sun came out, the wind was manageable, the fishing; well the fishing was stupid good. My guy, Darrin, who's only fly-fished now three days, absolutely lit it up and with views like this, you know he'll be back for more.
Traditionally, September has been the month to fish out here. Psuedo's start to wane and BWO's make an appearance. A fish's metabolism thrusts into "go mode" as the temps drop and they try to bulk up for the winter and everyone is happy. Unfortunately, the past few years; September has been a bust. The reason is the weather.
The past few years, September has been quite hot and our fall patterns have been delayed by almost a month. Although this September started out warm, we have gotten some really good pushes of cold weather with rain and that makes the fish happy and hungry, which also makes us guides happy and full.
This week is suppose to get hot again and we'll see what that does for the fishing. I'm guessing it will slow down a bit but you never know. The water temps are down and fish are eating and with a few days of sun, you might get a good hopper bite going. I know we'll be going back to the big stuff in my boat.
Keep 'em where they live...

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