Thursday, November 24, 2016

Johnny Big Buck's Pops

Well, I passed on another decent buck but LaRue decided he'd put a little more venison in the freezer with this guy. We were looking for elk and possibly a shooter buck for me but at 250 yards out, standing broadside, this was just too tempting. It's probably a good thing John decided to take this guy because while he was quartering it, I hiked on and didn't see the elk or any other deer of this quality.
Check this out. We decided to take a break after John shot this buck to eat lunch and while we were sitting there, a small buck chasing a yearling doe came right up to us. Even the does that were with this buck stuck around until we started packing out. I have to say, mule deer are not the smartest animals on the face of the planet. It's just finding the big ones that's the challenge.
Just to give you an idea on how much work this buck was; even though I said they aren't that bright, we were 2 1/3 miles from the truck at the base of this butte as the crow flies. As you all know, we can't walk as the crow flies so you could probably add on another 2/3 of a mile or better. Although this wasn't the monster I was looking for, it's still a really nice mature buck and they don't generally hang out next to the road.
Keep 'em where they live...

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