Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Are You F'n Kidding Me? Again?

I try not to show this side of me on these public forums but there is little that pisses me off more than this. The person in the white Tundra with the after-market fenders, parked at the Sterling gate just upstream from Craig on the Missouri River ought to be ashamed and embarrassed. And the fact that he had a little kid with him that he is passing on these traits to is equally troubling. This is a yearly event and it's incredibly tiring and frustrating so if you see this guy, direct him to this blog post and tell him to feel free to defend himself. It's because of A-holes like this that legislation is written, rules are made, and ranchers close their gates off to the general public. Nice work A-hole. And by-the-way, we picked up your shit so you're welcome.
Keep 'em where they live... 

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