Monday, January 16, 2017

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

The 2016 waterfowl season was put on hold for a week and then this happened. Saturday the 14th of January; four guys, two dogs, and twenty-eight duck and 2 geese dropped. On day one of the late season, we limited out on mallards 40 minutes before the end of shooting hours. And in that last 40 minutes, we easily had another dozen or more ducks landing in our spread as we were picking up. We would have been able to shoot a couple more limits for sure.

In this photo, I was setting up the GoPro to get a pic of all of us and there's Cutter; hamming it up, watching ducks pile into the channel. Literally thousands of ducks on the river and with a perfect wind, these guys wanted to sit down. It's something that is rare to see and when you do, you're just grateful for the experience and for being able to share it with good buddies like Mike Kuhnert, Scott Hirschi, and Bryan Conquergood.

So we planned on getting an early start the next day. Knowing how many birds were on the river this evening, the next morning would be sick, right? As the light came in to greet the next morning however, the light switch was flicked off and those thousands of greenheads were gone. Where did they go? I have no idea but in four hours of hunting, we pulled the trigger on a two geese that randomly got too close but only saw a few mallards that were on a mission to get the hell out of Dodge. At least we had that first day.

Keep 'em where they live...

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