Monday, June 19, 2017

Dry Fly Fishing on the Mo at 12,000cfs? Why Not?

I told you the water would come up to about 12,000cfs a couple weeks ago and I was right. Given the snowpack and the amount of water in the reservoir, I figured it wouldn't go much higher than 10 or 11,000 and maybe 12. Some folks were told it would go up to 14,000 for a few days and then drop back down but of course, the powers at be changed their minds again and the word on the street is that the next couple days the flow will be back to 10,000cfs and then it will drop slowly until we see the normal 4,500cfs by probably the end of July. Here's where I failed.

On the Mo, we generally like to see somewhere below 6 or 7,000cfs for dry fly fishing. A couple weeks ago, I suggested that if you're a DFO, (dry fly only,) you might want to post-pone for a couple weeks. Well...the dry fly fishing has been pretty sick so come on out. Sorry.

Keep 'em where they live...

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