Thursday, June 22, 2017

Good Eats

My guy, Clint and I decided to stop off for lunch yesterday in at the bottom of a run next to a pool. As we were eating, one of these guys landed on me. Yep, it's a yellow Sallie. It's not the first one we've seen as they've been out for a few days now. I love yellow Sallies.
We notice some cruisers out in the pool slurping the PMD emergers that were coming out of the riffle. After lunch, I tied a yellow Sallie on to Clint's dry fly rig with a nymph dropper thinking their might be a chance they actually eat the Sallie but most likely, we'd get them on the nymph. He threw the rig into the pool and let it sit and one of those cruisers slowly worked it's way towards the Sallie, up and gulp... 
Many people believe trout don't eat the adult Sallies. They do. It's a little bit of a challenge as the Sallies tend to be a moving target for fish but when given the chance, trout will eat them.
Keep 'em where they live...

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