Sunday, June 4, 2017

Happy Fish Happy Life

 Johnny LaRue and I with a double this afternoon. Fish are happy, fo-sho!
Why are they happy? Because there are bugs. Lot's of bugs. Today was the first day in a while I've seen fish up consistently. PMD's, Caddis, and even some early BWO's. With the water running over 8,000cfs, typically the dry fly fishing is going to be sporadic at best. However, you get that much food on the water and the trout just can't help themselves. Water temps climbing into the mid-50's definitely helps. A late afternoon storm didn't hurt either.
So, what's it look like for the rest of the spring? It's really hard to say but I would imagine that the water is going to jump considerably again. It's over 15,000cfs coming into Toston Reservoir and what goes in, must go out. A couple thing to look at would be amount of snow still left in the mountains, which by most accounts, is still quite a bit. Canyon Ferry is at 90% full so there's still a little wiggle-room but not much. The weather is going to be pretty typical of late spring so we can expect to get a good push of snow melt.
This year has been less than typical, for sure. We had early run-off with high water in the freestones and then a leveling off, only to get another push with some storms and again, leveling off. Now the real snow melt is starting so if you thought like I did, that a lot of the waters around the state were going to open up, think again. We have a ways to go.
As for the Missouri, I don't like to make predictions because I'm usually wrong, but I wouldn't be surprised if we hit 12,000cfs again by next week. With the bugs, the fishing will still be good if you're ok with chasing the bobber but for those DFO's, you might want to postpone for a few weeks unless you can get here, like tomorrow. Today was stupid good on top but if the flows shoot up, it will be short lived.
Keep 'em where they live...

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