Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Getting to be that time...

At some point, in the very near future, I'll have to dig the old girl out of the bank and get her ready for some fishing. If I wait long enough, the snow will melt...the weather has definitely turned and with how busy I've been with the remodel, I've kind of put the seasonal prep on the back burner. With trips coming up in the next couple weeks, I better get my butt in gear. 

If you're following along with the remodel, we are almost there. I replaced the toilet I broke on Saturday and then had the pleasure of testing out some soldering skills late Sunday night. I didn't realize that faucets now-a-days, aren't coming as the "slip-on" variety where you just have to tighten down on an Allen nut. Nope, you actually have to thread them onto a pipe. Naturally, the pipe I had wasn't threaded so another trip to The Home Depot to get some soldering supplies and figure out how to solder a threaded nipple onto the existing pipe. Of course, this would have all been much easier had I known before I tiled as I would have had access to the valve and could have changed out the pipe before-hand. (And if you're a plumber, I realize how easy this is for you. However, I have never done any of this...) I'll detail all this soon with a post on, "What not to do in a bathroom remodel." So as we sit, I'm just waiting for the last piece; a light fixture above the vanity--then a little touch-up paint and WE ARE DONE!

So yesterday, I took a break and went wade-fishing on the Missouri. The weather was unbelievable. The sun was out. I had to do it just to say I fished. You want a report? Easy. It was kind of dumb. I used the same bugs as last October. Deep and slow off a ledge and in an hour, lost count of how many fish I hooked. Nothing huge but fun and worth the drive. 

Cutter still hasn't adjusted from the hunting season. As I was hooked up, he was chasing the ducks flying by and then looking back at me wondering why the stick I was holding wasn't making the booming sound that a shotgun would make. He also still hasn't figured out that he won't catch one of those birds either swimming or flying by. He continues to try but it's just not going to happen. 

To his credit, I have to share a story from last duck season. I was getting gear out of the Meat Wagon and he did take off up the bank, out of sight. As I started up the bank with gear draped all over me, he comes running back with a pintail in his mouth. I didn't even have my gun out of the case. AND, it was a pintail, which we don't see a lot of on the Mo. 

So he comes running towards me and I'm like, "Dude, where did you get that?" 

He drops it at my feet and as I go to pick it up, the duck flips over, jumps up and takes off. 

I watched it fly away. Cutter took off after it until it cleared the trees and went out of sight. He looked back at me, again as if to say, "What the f...?" 

So I really can't blame him for thinking he can do this on his own. Besides, it's great exercise, which he definitely needs. He's getting a little plump. 

By the end of the day, he did figure out that we weren't after ducks. He started showing a little interest in the trout jumping on the end of the line and eventually, started going after them...just another idiosyncrasy we'll eventually have to address. For now, at least he had fun.

Keep 'em where they live...

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