Monday, December 31, 2018

Bowling with Super Woman over the holidays.

Here are the winners and losers and honorable mentions for the Annual Dobrzynski Christmas Bowling Tourney. The first thing I'll mention is that I lost $10 to Travis Dobrzynski as he hustled me for a couple games, giving me a false sense of dominance and superiority before offering the bet and then crushing me for two games. (Hey, don't hustle your uncle!)

All the other participants from left to right: My nephew Jake Schienbein, (Jake didn't actually bowl...) Travis Dobrzynski, Me, my niece Allison Taylor, niece Katie Schienbein, and Travis's wife, Tess. 

The real winner that I would like to mention is Katie Schienbein. With her high score of 136, she proved that a heart transplant less than 6 months ago can't keep her down. Yeah, you heard me right. She had a heart transplant at 29 years old just 6 months ago but that's not even half the story. 

Katie suffered through congestive heart failure when she was 2 years old. At three she had her first heart transplant. Things went well but that heart wasn't a perfect match. She led as normal of a life as she could, even playing hockey and doing what "normal" kids do but always living with the issues of having a foreign organ inside you that your body is naturally going to try to reject. 

Ten years ago, Katie had her second heart transplant. Yeah. I know. Could you fricken imagine going through 2 heart transplants before you were able to legally drink? And then think about having a third...

When you look at the photo above, you see Katie is obviously the smallest of the bunch--in fact so much that one would assume that she's still in her early or even pre-teens. I think her bowling shoes were like a size 3. But don't let that fool you. She is the absolute toughest person I know. She is Super Woman if there ever was a Super Woman. And if I were going into a fight, I'd be taking her with me. 

I'm so proud of this woman. I'm so happy that her recovery this time has gone so well and that her prognosis is so positive. I look forward to MANY more Christmas Bowling tourneys with her and all my nieces and nephews. You are an inspiration Katie. Thank you.

Keep 'em where they live...

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