Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Stage Is Set

I absolutely love the fall out here. The fishing get's better, there's all kinds of hunting for months and well, there's football. I love football and I can't wait for the Super Bowl because the two best teams are in it.

Sunday, the two best teams in the AFC and the two best teams in the NFC faced off to play for the ultimate chance to be the best in what is the best league in all of sports. I know, lot's of people will argue against pro sports and I don't totally disagree but you can't argue that in this country, the NFL is king. It makes the most money and has the largest fan base.

The AFC Championship wasn't that great. New England was limping the whole season and was lucky to get to that game and Denver was just too good. The NFC Championship game was awesome and at the start, I was rooting for Seattle. I'm a big fan of Wilson and I think they got hosed against Pittsburgh in 2006 so I always wanted them to get a second chance...even after last year's "Fail Marry."

Ok, so here's the deal though; Richard Sherman's rant after the game was ridiculous. He took all the attention from what was a great game and a great team win to himself. Plus, he used one of the biggest stages in sports to air his own personal grievances with another player instead of just celebrating a great win with his team and his fans but I get it; it was in the "heat of the moment." Sherman had a huge play to end the game and he was jacked up. Like Erin Andrews said on the Dan Patrick Show; we criticize these athletes for being too PC so when one is finally honest and shows emotion, we shouldn't bash them. I get that and I respect that but Sherman definitely crossed over from being proud and emotional to being arrogant and self-promoting and completely disrespectful.

But we all deserve a pass from time to time and I was totally willing to give him that pass until I read his apology.

Sherman's apology yesterday just solidified my feelings about him. I don't think he's a thug. I don't want to bring racial epithets into it at all. What I think, is that he's just another arrogant narcissistic athlete that doesn't get it and it's why a lot of people don't like pro sports. Throughout his entire apology he justified all his actions like the choke sign to Kaepernick and then slapping Crabtree on the butt right after a loss saying, "Nice game?" He complained about a holding call against him in the first half that was clearly a penalty and then said the only reason he didn't get the INT on the final play was because Crabtree interfered with him? In my opinion, it just illustrates how hypocritical and narcissistic he really is. And again, he's taking all the attention away from those who deserves it, which is his team and his fans! His apology wasn't an apology at all but just another platform to tell the world how great he is and that's where I have the biggest problem with him and why I now am shouting, "GO BRONCOS!"

So please, stop apologizing for Richard Sherman. He is who he is and it's unfortunate that he put a bulls eye on him and the rest of his team and instead of focusing on the match-ups for the Super Bowl, we now get to hear about him for another couple weeks, which will probably make those of us outside the Seattle fandom dislike him even more. But maybe that's what he wants...

Keep 'em where they live...

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