Monday, November 2, 2015

Get Ready

I looked back on my posts from a year ago and noticed a pretty significant trend in the weather. Just like last year, the weather in September and October was less then ideal for what we look forward to at this time of the year. We usually have already had some snow storms roll through by now, which brings out the BWO's and forces the ducks to the river. In fact, one of the worst days weather-wise I've had to endure working as a guide was in the first week of October in 2007. I think the high was like 9 degrees and it snowed around a foot. The weather sucked but the fishing was pretty stellar. The last couple years, that weather hasn't come until well into November and it seems the Spring weather has been earlier and earlier as well and looking back on blog posts, I've been reporting the same conditions, almost verbatim, for the past couple years. Basically, the bugs in the Spring and summer come a few weeks early and the bugs in the fall are at least a month late. But looking at the radar above, the weather is coming and the next few days should be pretty stellar.

This was the post from last year on the 10th of November. The duck hunting wasn't great as the front moved in but the back-half was epic. This is what I look forward to. This is what gets me going and as much as I try not to get too excited about weather forecasts and trying to predict how Mother Nature is going to play out, this should be good. It's not as significant of a front as this time last year but it should still bring fish up and the birds to the river wanting a place to hunker down.

Keep 'em where they live...

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