Monday, February 8, 2016

Super Bowl Fifty

This is what it all comes down to; watching a game that you don't have much interest in but a great excuse to hold a party. We did it at our house this year since we have all the work done on the remodel and I have to say, I don't bounce back like I did 20 years ago.
Since Big Jim and I slayed the perch last week, we figured we would do a good 'ole fashion, Mid-West fish fry. (Brats for the kids.) It turned out well, I think. The perch was delicious, dipped in beer batter and deep fried and the company was great. And with Jill not being as into the game, my end of the clean-up was a piece of cake. Thanks Jill.
Let's talk about the game. Was it great? Nope and to say I didn't have much interest in it really isn't true. It was a lot of defense, which is perfectly fine with me because that's the only way Cam would get what he deserves. Oops. I know, I sound like a hater but the reality is, I can't root for a guy who puts a number 1 on his chest, calls himself superman, and then pouts like a little kid when he loses. I was so happy to see Denver win and even though Payton wasn't a huge factor, I'd rather see the trophy go to him.
I just heard on the Dan Patrick Show that Super Bowl Monday is when the largest number of dudes go on the diet wagon. It's time to get serious...again. I'm feeling soft and although it's a annual event to lose weight at this time of the year, I'm starting out with about dime head-start. The problem is, I still have a lot of fish from last night to eat...
Keep 'em where they live...

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  1. Oh damn, I'm newly transplanted in MT from the Midwest and I came across this blog while I was looking for Lenten fish fries. Looks like a tasty fry!